Since our conception, Time Partners have been quietly building our own path forward; paving the way for a future which we call the new era of mutuality. This era is defined by the mutual responsibility and mutual prosperity on which all value depends. Its advent has been our founding purpose, engrained in every word and deed for the clients and global stakeholders we serve on the journey to resilient value creation across generations.

As the UK readies itself to unlock, grappling with the transformations of this last year, we at Time are also preparing to re-emerge. We do so having undergone our own metamorphosis: one that brings a crystalline focus to the value our clients are able to create and contribute at this moment of unprecedented change.

Since day one, we have provided strategic advice to families and institutions which pivots on a relentlessly holistic, long-term perspective – a way of seeing now modeled in the External Rate of Return, produced in collaboration with Robyn Klingler-Vidra at the LSE.

At the heart of the ERR are two fundamental truths. First: that only by considering all externalities, across all stakeholders, can we measure the true impact of an investment or company. Second: that the power of an investment or company comes not just from mitigating harm, but amplifying good. This insight has long positioned Time Partners as leaders in the purpose revolution, which is now, under pandemic pressure, mainstream parlance in every industry.

But talk, as always, is cheap. The stones we throw today will ripple across time. As the dust continues to swirl – as consumer behaviours transform, economies contort, lives reinvent – we must take more care than ever to navigate this terrain with unapologetic deliberation, high integrity systems and proven expertise. Hasty and blinkered action that replaces one problem with another will not leave us richer long term.

The Sustainable Development Goals set out the great challenges of our age. But at Time, we recognise that success will only come from striking a new equilibrium. That is why Time’s work is devoted to addressing the overuse of natural resources throughout the world and the underinvestment of human capital. This is the great equation around which all our thinking is centred, ensuring that the world’s private capital – our greatest untapped resource –  will build forward better.

Time, like our namesake, never stands still. To equip our clients to step forward as leaders and legacy builders, we are expanding our business to support families and institutions in meaningful and creative new ways.

Time Philanthropy, launching this month, will help our clients realise their unique vision for truly impactful intergenerational legacy, drawing together Time’s unsurpassed global network of experts and organisations.  

We are venturing into resilient food production – never needed more desperately as Covid ravages food-insecure regions, new billions emerge, and environmental pressures erode supply chains.

We are producing new ways to channel investment into genomic technologies, increasing global access to advanced diagnosis and treatment of human and plant diseases.

And we are continuing to drive systemic change in British society by strengthening governance of our most crucial public bodies alongside ongoing work to revitalize our economy with business-led solutions. 

These efforts, and many more besides, are just the start lines of change. There is much to do. We look forward to welcoming you on the journey ahead as we work together to enrich, and find enrichment in, systems of truly sustainable value. 




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