a specialist Merchant Bank providing independent advice

unrivalled knowledge of private capital

OUR background

a brief overview

Time Partners was formed in 2015, with a view to building a specialist merchant bank, combining best advice, creative solutions and a client first philosophy. We have achieved this by designing a unique firm, able to draw upon the cross-strengths and talents of our partners, all of whom come from complementary backgrounds.

We have embraced a counter-culture style, modelling Time Partners on the best merchant banks of the UK and Europe, where we are able to share ideas and generate creative solutions.

During this process, Time Partners has built four areas of strength:

Investment Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Corporate Advisory

Investment Vehicles

These areas have been developed with care and thought. Active long-term relationships have been forged with clients based on the quality of the services provided.


across the investing industry

Advising Investors

Advising families, pension plans and endowments looking to build long-term private investment portfolios.

Market Advice

Advising national institutions in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Forming GPs

Advising on the establishment of new venture capital and private equity firms.

Investment Committee

Appointed to the ICs of a number of funds seeking industrial or geographical expertise.

Portfolio Companies

Experience in leading acquisitions, restructurings and driving change in businesses.


guided by deeply-held business principles


We aim to be our clients’ most trusted advisor and build long-standing relationships.


Our clients are some of the most senior and high profile investors who operate quietly.


Flexibility when it comes to structuring arrangements with our clients.


Sustainability is the principal social, environmental and economic impact of our time.


Our clients are global in outlook and we match their needs with worldwide selected partners.


working with selected partners worldwide