About Time Partners

Time Partners was formed in 2013 as a specialist merchant banking firm combining best advice, creative solutions and a client first philosophy. We have achieved this by designing an organisation able to draw upon the cross-strengths and talents of our partners, all of whom come from complementary backgrounds.

We advise investors, families, and other asset owners on thinking long-term, providing strategic advice across a range of issues. We are an experienced adviser on impact investing with a long history of pioneering positive change in the investment industry and wider society.


guided by deeply sustainable principles

Client Focus


working to create lasting impact

We provide our clients with strategic advice, relating to setting a corporate purpose, measuring the total impact of a business and creating a strategy to employ sustainable development throughout an institution. We believe better run companies will reduce previously hidden risks, adding value for shareholders. We are active in causes important to the planet and society, arguing and working towards better run public and private institutions.

External Rate of Return

Time Partners created the External Rate of Return with the London School of Economics to measure a company or investment’s purpose and wider impact on society, the economy, and the environment. The ERR is designed to be a simple, holistic concept allowing companies, investors and third parties to report their activities comprehensively and transparently across a range of parameters.

ESMA & EU Commission

Co-chaired the European working group on private equity and venture capital

Sustainable Development Capital Initiative

Chaired the SDCI’s Global London High-Level Steering Group

INSEAD Business School

Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD, Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI)

G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force

Member of the task force, focusing on market development of impact metrics

B Corporation / B Labs UK

Championed the launch of the B Corp movement in the UK and was the founding Chair of B Labs


in collaboration with our global partners

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