with a long history of pioneering positive change in the investment industry and wider society

Time Partners advises investors,
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to create a better, more sustainable world

Impact Leadership and Advice

Time Partners has been at the origins of the impact investing industry having been a co-founder of the G8 Social Impact Investment task force in 2010, the founder of BCorps / Blabs in the UK (we provided the first Chairman for the movement) as well being the authors of the External Rate of Return in partnership with the LSE. This framework provides a comprehensive methodology for reporting on impact (both positive and negative) and has been widely adapted by a number of organisations including the BBC. Time Partners chairs the Sustainable Development Capital Initiative for the City of London Corporation. 

G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force

Time Partners was selected as a member of the task force and was instrumental in achieving its objectives.

Sustainable Development Capital Initiative (SDCI) 

The SDCI is a group created by the City of London Corporation to make the UK a leading hub for development finance. Time Partners chairs the SDCI’s Global London High-Level Steering Group, who set the strategy to allow London to become the intellectual and financial centre for development finance.

External Rate of Return (ERR) 

Co-created by Time Partners and Professor Robyn Klinger-Vidra of the London School of Economics, the ERR framework is the first comprehensive, radically transparent platform for measuring an investment’s stated purpose along with its wider impact on society, the economy and the environment.

British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) 

Mark Florman was CEO of the BVCA for some years, leading a movement on behalf of the 500 largest private equity and venture capital firms globally, to enhance open reporting, communication and the measurement of a portfolio company’s impact – positive or negative. It was the BVCA that led the formation of the first Impact Committee to organise private equity thinking around impact investment.

B Corps / B Labs 

B Corps is a non-profit organisation seeking to redefine the role of business in society. Mark Florman championed the launch of the B Corp movement in the UK.


Mark Florman is a Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD Singapore, writing and teaching for the Global Private Equity Initiative (GPEI). He has given lectures and written articles for the business school on building private equity programmes, the importance of future-focussed investing and impact investing. He has delivered lectures to hundreds of MBA students on impact investing. 

ESMA & EU Commission 

While at the BVCA, Mark Florman co-chaired the European working group on behalf of private equity and venture capital, to represent the industry’s interests in the negotiation of the AIFM Directive with the European Securities and Markets Association (one of three Authorities within the European System of Financial Supervisors) in Paris. Mark led the negotiations on all chapters and convinced the policymakers that private equity was a force for good in European economies, creating jobs, skills, and good risk-adjusted returns for pensioners.

The DNA Summit

Mark Florman was Chair of the DNA Summit, a world gathering of technology and innovation leaders brought together to solve some of the world’s most testing humanitarian and development challenges. Backed by the United Nations, DNA provided support to the G8 conference hosted by the UK, and Time Partners worked closely on their strategy.