Collective investment VEHICLES

Time Partners designs and builds investment
platforms for teams and managers
worldwide. We support on a range of issues,
including fund formation, capital raising,
investor relations and pipeline investments.

Pre-Capital Raise Services

Tactics and strategy to form a PE / VC business including fund structure and terms

Analysis of the fund value proposition, identifying strengths and areas which may concern investors and present strategies to mitigate them

Advising on processes, systems and board composition

Heads of terms, legal oversight and documents

Post Capital Raise Services

Reviewing all qualitative and quantitative reporting methods (GP & fund update, market overview, portfolio & pipeline and financials)

Producing and reviewing all qualitative content and verifying financial data

Participating in investment committees and advisory councils

Ongoing review of the processes and systems as well as review of the Board composition and advising on best practices

Capital Raising Services

Working with fund managers in raising capital, introducing them to our broad network of long term investors

Marketing the fund to investors across the world, working with families and value investors, facilitating introductions and discussions

Regular update meetings to review investor progress and due diligence issues arising