with the future in mind

Solving complex issues for families and
institutions, providing strategic
planning and policy advice.

Solving Complex Issues

Formulating innovative, long-term strategic plans for families, taking into account their specific goals and legacy

Advising families on intergenerational business succession planning / transition from founder-operator to investor, drawing on our heritage as a family owned business

Engaging with institutions and trade bodies as a key policy advisor to provide guidance on the development of the private equity industry

Strategic Planning

Time Partners provides industrial groups, families and a variety of institutions with high level strategic advice using our expertise in global markets, policy, restructuring, corporate finance and long-term investing. We specialise in developing holistic strategic plans for organisations facing significant change, risk and reporting. We have advised some of the world’s largest families, industrial groups and governments. 


Time Partners has been at the forefront of the development of the sustainable investing and business universe for many years. We helped design long term sustainable and future proof investment strategies for core capital and help oversee the transformation of companies addressing risks from the supply chain all the way through to product and market development. We draw on our long experience in policy making, regulation, private equity and markets.