with the future in mind

Solving complex issues for families and
institutions, providing strategic
planning and policy advice.

Solving Complex Issues

Advising families on intergenerational business succession planning / transition from founder-operator to investor, drawing on our heritage as a family owned business

Formulating innovative, long-term strategic plans for families, taking into account their specific goals and legacy

Engaging with institutions and trade bodies as a key policy advisor to provide guidance on the development of the private equity industry


Time Philanthropy helps a family achieve their vision, reflecting a range of values and interests, and maximising the impact of your work

Providing tailored philanthropic solutions to our clients, leveraging our team’s experience in charitable organisations and the third sector

When we invest in a cause, social entrepreneur or charity we look at how a chosen organisation can deliver programmes that will bring about sustainable change in the community, region, the country or globally

Sustainable Investing

Time Partners is a member of the UNPRI and our investment vehicle, Times 3 Capital, is a member of the BVCA, Invest Europe and EMPEA

Encouraging sustainable business practices; Founder of B Lab (UK), creator of the External Rate of Return and creator of the Transparency Index

Driving development of the impact investing industry and national policies in support of the industry worldwide, using advocacy and influence